How to download pokemon go from any country from play store without side loading any apk

In this article i am going to write a trick how to get download Pokemon go from play store from any country easily. Pokemon go is now only available on few countries including us  till now and i tried to download it from Nepal. With very simple trick its easy to download officially from play store. Since i was thinking to side load the apk file at first but the news saying malicious Pokemon go apk file is all over the internet stooped me. Then i used this alternative trick to get Pokemon Go Download from Nepal which i became succeed.

Simple steps to download pokemon go from any country from play store

  1. Get ORBOT app from play store which is official tor app to browse internet hiding your identity.
  2. Launch the app and select country United states and tick on VPN then wait till connection success.
  3. Go to play store , (Exit or kill play store if its already running and relaunch )
  4. Wait till the play store refresh from new location (if not refreshed try changing google account from sidebar)
  5. Search pokemon go on the search bar and click install , skip the payment method and you are ready to go.

Video Demo  to download pokemon go from any country from play store

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