Sometime we need to Download all the data from google services like google contacts ,Google Photos (synced from android phone or pc)  , Google Keep Notes ,Google wallet ,Google maps places data , Calendar , Google hangouts data and more or we might only need only few of services data to download and keep locally on our pc or to send someone.

We can even get all data from Google account in .Zip, .tbz or .tgz (Zipped Formats ) for convenience in downloading and exporting all our google data for any other use.For eg If you want to terminate your google account but you need all Photos from Google photos before you terminate , obviously its  not easy to download your photos from google pics one by one so if you know How To download all Google account data at Once (all or selectively ) on Zipped formats it would be very time saving.

Step by Step Guide How To download all Google account data at Once

  1. Browse and login to google account
  2. Select data To Include (choose which services data you want eg google photos , Google contacts etc)
  3. Select Next then choose File type (.zip or .tbz or .tgz) and email notification
  4. Wait Till your data is ready on Zip (It may take hour or days )
  5. Check back to your account and go to Manage Archive and there will be available zipped files data for download
  6. Download the Data and stay happy

How To download all Google account data at Once – Video tutorial