Medic Bleep A case sharing app for Medical professionals

A new app truly for medical professionals now to share instant message and case  with their community is now available. This app Include Doctor , Nurses strictly and the case sharing within them which are strictly within the Healthcare professional only. The signup process is strict and only complete signup after once you are verified as  medical practitioner and you are now done. This app s currently available on Nepal , India and UK. This apps is the another product of Medics creations  which already launched OCR app (on call room) to create a community between healthcare professional to share knowledge and expertise. Lets move to the Medic Bleep app an instant messenger strictly for healthcare professional.

Download the Medic Bleep app from play store or app store.

Major features of Medic Bleep

  1. Secure image sharing to share sensitive patients images (Makes you secure against HIPAA act)
  2.  Knowledge sharing with Professionals (since only verified professional can sign up)
  3. Collaborate with Medics Everywhere
  4. Easily share medical x-rays,case files, symptom pictures and more with secure media sharing environment
  5. you can create a group to put whole team on loop to communicate faster
  6. Focused discussion using reminders and update to the whole team to focus on case
  7. Every communication is secure and encrypted
  8.  Case images you shared only available within app so don’t have to worry on deleting
  9. As easy as whats-app but fully packed with tool specially to effective communication for entire medical teams.

So in conclusion this app is major communication tool for Healthcare professional which allows healthcare professional to communicate securely and following rules for Healthcare professionals.Since this is dedicated instant messaging service for doctors and nurse and its hassle free to them which allows them dive in the Case oriented conversation with ease.

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