3 best Smart glucometer which directly works with smartphone

Diabetes is a metabolic diseases and really takes lots of your attention and time to manage efficiently to ensure a healthy and sound life. Diabetes management really seeks a great care and monitoring of your timely medication ,  Blood Glucose level logs and Food and drinks habit. As we all are being more and more comfortable with our smart devices our medical Kits are also being smart. There are already some best Smart glucometer which directly integrate with our smartphone to log and display Blood glucose level data.

Using glucometer  to know the blood glucose level is not new for those us who are suffering from diabetes and its a frequent Think to assure and maintain Blood Glucose level buts its always not easy to log your blood glucose data, food intakes and medication records but with Smart app combined with Smart glucometer makes life easy.

Here are the 3 Best Smart glucometer which works directly on smartphones

  1. Dario Smart meter : This device is really sleek and easy to handle. Its like plug and play device to check your blood sugar level easily with smartphones. its a combo pack of glucose meter, disposable test strip (25 pcs) , and lancing device packed compactly. Its a battery free Glucometer which uses smartphone as power source when user connect via connecting port (audio jack , also available on iphone 7 port). Its powered by Dario iphone app which directly logs your blood glucose level securely. User can also log carbohydrate intakes and insulin doses as well. This smart glucometer device also support many Android smartphones and Dario app for android is available. For more details and pricing visit Dario smart meter website.

    samrtphone powered glucose meter
    Smart glucometer source : Dario
  2. iHealth Align : Its the small and very portable Smartphone glucometer but you have to carry Glucose test strips separately on box. This smart Glucometer plugs directly into smartphone’s audio jack, and displays results instantly and keep records of results on the smartphone using iHealth Gluco-Smart app. The size of ihealth Glucometer is little big size then quarter. due to its compact size and capability to sync with mobile apps makes it a powerful tool for diabetes management. Ihealth smart app for Iphone and Android is freely available. Visit ihealth website for More information.
  3. Accu-Chek Aviva Connect meter : This device dose not connect directly via mobile port as previous 2 but it is able to transfer  data via Bluetooth paired smartphone using Accu-Chek Connect mobile app. Here are the List of Compatible devices with this smart glucometer which can log your blood glucose level using its smart app. Visit Accu check website for more details.

Share Your Thoughts if you are using any other Smart glucometer to monitor and analyse your or your loved ones Blood Glucose level. Thank you for checking In.

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