A smartphone with all future Display tech – Hydrogen One

The world renown camera maker Red has announced a Smartphone with all innovative display technology. The smartphone is named as Hydrogen One. The company claims that this smartphone will carry the innovative technology and experience on camera , sound and Display.

Hydrogen One Major Features are

  1. No glass needed to experience AR(augmented reality)/VR (virtual reality) /MR (Mixed Reality) and can be experienced directly on phone unique Display screen.
  2. Holographic Multi view (.H4V) Hydrogen 4 View format Videos directly on screen.
  3. Easily use traditional 2D content with full screen resolution .
  4. Multidimensional Audio capability inbuilt with H30 algorithm to enhance audio.
  5. A Modular Phone design easy to connect the future Red accessories directly on Mobile.
  6. Hydrogen one can be integrated with professional Red cameras like EPIC , SCARLET etc.
  7. The Phone will run on Android OS
  8. Phone will have RED channel to download/ upload or stream all the 3D / H4V  movies and games etc.

The Price of Smartphone is very high as compared to current smartphones, Its natural because this phone is offering a innovative piece of technology. Initial Price of smartphone is aluminium version $1195 and Platinum version on $1595. Red Claims that it uses a Nanotechnology on its phone so It can seamlessly switch on 2D,3D and holographic contents.

Red Company was Founded on 2005 and Now Red is leader on High resolution cameras and equipment. Red camera system is know very popular among all the Movie makers. The hydrogen one is the first smartphone project of this camera company with such a innovation before the major smartphones companies like Samsung , sony .

Hydrogen One smartphone
First Look Hydrogen One

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