Top 5 Android Apps which Helps you on learning digital logic design

Digital Logic Design is simply The design of Circuits (mostly) systems which is the base of all electronics .
Mostly The Electrical and Computer engineers and experts already know well about Digital logic Design.The main Target and aim of Digital Circuit Design is to create circuits , boards and microchips with hi-tech systems and high efficacy , minimizing the resources and cost. Lots of Desktop software like logisim , Logicly , PCBweb on different OS and Platform has already been discussed long time ago. Here are the List of top 5 Android apps which helps on learning and doing Digital logic design.  


Android app are the synonyms of handy and easiest way to use applications which are also popular on   mobile Platform  around the globe.So Lets learn do some Digital Logic Design Using Following top 5 Android apps .

Top 5android app for digital logic design
Android apps for digital logic design


  1. Logic Simulator Pro  Logic gate Simulator pro is the Topmost in the list till now . The Features Logic Simulator Pro for Digital logic design. User Can build various Circuits using many other components (latches , Flip flop ,clock , Multiplexer etc)  as well as logic gates (AND , OR , NOR, NAND etc.).This app is targeted for students Who wants to learn The circuit simulation on the go, This app is very useful to learn Digital Logic Design.The app has Built in Feature of project recovery which automatically recovers the interrupted projects or circuit design before saving.
  2. Digital Logic  This app Doesn’t have any Circuit simulation or testing Feature But this is one of the Great app to lean the basics of Digital Logic Design. This android app is suitable for beginner who are willing to learn on Digital Logic Design.This app covers the various topics on digital Logic like Number Systems, Circuit Minimization, Logic Gates, Sequential circuits, Combinational circuits as well as  Logic Families . This app almost covers all the Basics of Digital Logic design.
  3. Logic gates      Logic Gates app on Android play store totally focus on basics of Logical Gates , This app allows user to see the result of Logical gates , giving pulse and clocks .This app also help to gain knowledge on Digital logic design by implementing different logic gates to to create other logic gates (eg Making a XOR (exclusive OR) Gate
    NOR gate from NAND gate ) . This app does  have Basic ideas and  understating on Logical gates as well as Flip Flops also (D flip flop , SR flip flop ,T flip flop  and more ).
  4. Logical Gates   Logical gates is a Basic app which helps on Calculating Boolean calculation , The main motto of the Logical Gates android app is to help on calculating Boolean value which is one of the important part on learning Digital Logic Design.
  5. EveryCircuit  An amazing App for Every Learning solution in Digital Logic Design  which includes a wide variety of  Components like (VCVS, VCCS, CCVS, CCCS,Resistors, capacitors, inductors, transformers, Voltmeter, amperemeter, ohmmeter, Potentiometer, lamp and more ). The user Experience on this app is so seamless and friendly.This app can also act  as oscilloscope. User can create circuit schema as well , wire routing . This is pro app which costs $14.99 to purchase and  targeted for High end user with a wide range of facility to endorse Digital logic Design.



These top 5 Android apps which Helps you on learning digital logic design app on Play store can amplify and act as supportive for different user category to Make learning as well as plotting or designing Digital circuit on go with text based information as well as circuit simulator and various facility described above.

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