Android Auto power your car screen with android phone

Lets start from introduction. Android auto is the way to connect your phone to the car so you can use most wanted app and manage phone calls directly from the cars screen. Androidauto is developed with the idea in mind to use your android phone capability  which are helpful on road like using Maps GPS , Music , Phone call, text messages directly from your auto screen and you don’t have to divert you mind from the road. Dont worry there are other many apps which supports on Android auto mode like spotify, and other third party apps.

How to setup Android Auto on your car ?

  1. Your phone most be using android Lollipop 5.0 or higher to use the service and second thing is your car most be compatible with Androidauto and third thing is android auto must available for your country.
  2. you can check weather android auto is compatible for you car or not and the available country list here.
  3. Lets start setup . Download the android auto app from play store.
  4. Now Connect you phone to the car via USB (note you should unlock your phone while connecting)
  5. Your car system will detect Androidauto connected and launch the app on your phone. (if its is first time)
  6. Agree app permission asked by your phone app and your phone screen will be off showing up logo of Android auto you cannot use your phone thereafter.
  7. After the successful connection your car screen now shows the Function of AndroidAuto now you can use your most favorite android app like Maps . google voice , music and call functionality directly .
  8. Despite that you can long press on mic button near car Steering to  fully use google voice to ask google or to place phone calls or reply text messages.
Android Auto transform your car using android phone for safety
Android auto screen

Thank you for Checking in. Enjoy the safe ride with androidauto and transform you android phone power to your car.You can always check the offical website here  for the upated compatible car list and service available country lis

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