Anemia soon can be detected by mobile app | HemaApp

With the boom of apps and smartphones , various medical test and tracking are made easy.Most of smartphone apps are focusing on social network gaming and fun. But there are many serious developers and researcher who want to make you smartphone a great medical tool which you can relay on and need no expensive kits.

HemaApp is a project of UbiComp research team funded by  Washington Research Foundation which has developed an app which uses your phone camera and flash to analyze the condition of blood by analyzing hemoglobin level on blood using your finger. Hemoglobin is the molecule in red blood cells that carries oxygen. The Anemia can lead person in many major complication beside this measurement of hemoglobin level frequently is must on many medical cases.

Till now hemoglobin concentration is measured by drawing blood and then analyzing blood. But the new HemaApp developed by UbiComp team can measure your hemoglobin level using your smartphone only. The app performance is quite good and results are satisfying according to the team projects page.The team behind the app is still researching and creating more data for accurate results.

hemaapp to find hemoglobin level
HemaApp measuring hemoglobin label | Credits UbiComp

How HemaApp works ?

HemaApp captures and analyze the color of blood from user finger which is placed on phone camera near flash and change in different lighting condition and absorption of  light under different wavelength (chromatic analysis) which is analyzed by a machine learning algorithm which is based on data from clinical study can give the final results on hemoglobin level in blood.

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