Apple car be released in 2019

Apple car be released in 2019, the media has taken the call for the electric car project which is removed to be the development of Apple under code name project Titan.

Apple said that it have hundreds of employees who ARE working or creating on electric vehicle at a secret location near its headquarter. Some source has been suggested to resemble. The car may or may not be include the self driving technology which has rumors  for far disagreed on this fixed but the latest news suggest the first version which will not be autonomous.Now, the Apple car is in early stage and its still processing for recruiting people for ,meeting with car maker and automobile supplier.The project is lead by Steve Zadesky , VP of product design who allow permission to recruit thousand of employee within their Apple.
The Apple car was upgraded to committed projects status for the meaning of Apple who will focus more attention on development. It also helps in hiring the project by expanding to 1800 employee of 2019 target completion data.
Apple has been searching for the area where it began testing vehicles prototype which suggest Apple’s interest seriously.
Apple car looks is like Apple existing product line to expand iOS beyond ipad and iphone. Apple car will integrate deeply with iPhone. Apple car be released in 2019 is an exciting news for Tech lovers , we hope with the  release of Apple car in 2019 The gadgets will deeply integrate with automobile system.

Apple car history

car be released in 2019
Apple car play System

Mysterious has leased apple for spotted driving in early February around bay streets.The van had camera rig attacked with multiple cameras which leads to speculation which apple was using to develop a product to street view. Outlandish speculation ranged towards the possibility of self driving but later determined as the vans with driver.
The van has spotted on Apple employee email for insider business which suggests Apple for working on project that give Tesla un for its money. Tesla employees were jumping to work on projects that was too exciting to pass up.
The tantalizing had led several media site for dig deep into Apple recruit vehicle design export automotive technology to work in top secret research lab.The piece highlighted Apple hiring for former Merced Benz research and which pointed out Apple effort to research automotive products.
Financial times and other media speculate the developing advanced software platform which build upon to introduce the car play for car project which is unbelievable sound the wall street journal has launched figurative bomb.
Apple is working o creating electric vehicle that is started exploring last year.
Apple spoke BMW for using BMW’s electric i3 body as base for Apple car for those talks who reportedly ended without any deal.I3 has small hatch bulk with carbon fibbers shell which could hint at design Apple direction aiming its project.Apple has sourcing test facilities for the Apple car project which suggest prototype vehicle. Apple itself configuring about the mapping project which introduced Google street view competitors.

We wish Apple car project to be a huge success and we believe a new era of automobiles and gadgets integration and artificial intelligence will  start with the release of  Apple car on 2019.

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