Chromecast Audio – cast music, without pairing

Chromecast Audio is a small device that connects to your speaker for streaming music through WiFi. Once set up, simply use your iPhone, iPad, Android tablet and phone, Mac and Windows laptop, or Chromebook to cast your chosen tunes for the best speakers in the house.One can easily cast music, without the problem of pairing.One can tap the Cast button from music apps to deliver the music activity instantly for your speakers. You can search, play, pause, queue songs modify the degree starting from your phone to anywhere in the house.It contains over $ 30 million songs from music services like Pandora, Google Be A Guitrist, Spotify, iHeartRadio and Rdio.Constantly newly discovered apps are added , so there’s no end towards the music, r / c and podcasts. At $35, Chromecast Audio is surely an affordable strategy to benefit from the music you like on the existing speakers.Your friends and family can join in the enjoyment, too. Anyone in the home can cast music for your speakers using their own phones no additional setup or pairing required.

Chromecast Audio Look and Design

Chromecast Audio - Specs
Chromecast Audio Package

The  cord is wide, thin, and durable, and its tip is magnetized, which means the machine folds up neatly when not being used. However, that magnet isn’t powerful enough to draw in the Chromecast over the plastic of your Tv, meaning the main unit dangles just a little messily. Like most other streaming sticks, the brand new Chromecast requires power using a micro-USB cable, and just like the others, your TV set’s USB port will suffice, should it have one.

Although it could be considered a simple solution  it’s actually a bit of a hideous  in some cases.A Chromecast for every device is required to add WiFi music streaming to. Not every speaker / amplifier has a 3.5mm input. So it might require a different kind of cable or adapter. Chromecast Audio needs to be plugged into a power source as well as a speaker, just like its video. So some extra wiring is needed in the back.But it’s a start, and it’s certainly something that a lot of consumers have been waiting for. For Google , it’s an obvious move in its efforts to expand the Chromecast footprint in the living room.

Chromecast Audio Package Box Contains

  1. Power wire & Power Adapter
  2. 3.5 mm analog stereo cable (Yellow wire in above picture )
  3. Chromecast Audio

What you Need to enjoy Chromecast Audio ?

  1. speakers  with an auxiliary  input (optional support RCA or Optical Cable But not included in package)
  2. Wi-Fi Network [802.11ac (2.4GHz/5Ghz)]
  3. Computer with minimum Windows 7, or Mac OS X 10.7
  4. or Mobile device with minimum  Android 4.1+, iOS 7.0+

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