Darwin Chip – A Move for smarter Artificial Intelligence

What is Darwin Chip ?


Explaining Neuromorphic is the act of machine same as neuron , To process data as how our brain process. The research and concepts was evolved since 1980 using vast large scale integration of circuits. The system has been researched from a long time in seeking solution to develop artificial neuron system which can enhance robotics (mostly) and many other physical as well as biological solutions.

SPIKING NEURAL NETWORKS (SNN) is the neural network model to learn neuron act which can explain how the information is encoded and decoded by a series of trains of pulses in brain.

Lets simplify even more. These all things are dedicated to develop a system (chip) which acts like brain , process information like brain, which have huge potential to develop a smarter system (relate AI) which can process ambiguous data for machine (data like differentiating and recognizing different handwriting as input). The challenges might be overcomes by  development of chip like Darwin Chip.

Yes now days computers can process huge data , efficiently but they cant be effectively used on  pattern recognition, automatic control, signal processing and more. But with development of Darwin Chip these days are not so far.

Who Developed Darwin Chip?

Researchers from Zhejiang University china and Hangzhou Dianzi University in Hangzhou, China developed the Darwin Neural Processing Unit. The Darwin Chip  is powered with standard CMOS technology.

Scope of  Darwin Chip ?

With Darwin Chip building brain-computer interface systems by interfacing with animal or human brains is possible , Which already described scope of this chip.And it does have re configurable  system to reconfigure SNN topology .It consumes low-power and it is embedded devices.

Demo of  Darwin Chip

A Darwin Chip Demo (brain-computer interface)
darwn chip demo
darwin chip demo controlling Basketball

The Science China Press  Shows the demo of Darwin chip interfacing with computer program which controls basketball where basketball has to follow random dot. The basketball moves with (thinking) SPIKING NEURAL  from user .

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