Database management system Introduction

A Database management System also knows as DBMS is a complete package of software system  (collections of  procedures ,Database access language etc  ) which can store , modify, update or extract data from database. The popular DBMS software’s examples are oracleMySQLFire-bird .Some database management system like MySQL and firebird are available on free use since they are Open source but some are premium.

The main components of Database management systems are 

  1. user
  2. application
  3. query language
  4. Data
  5. Hardware
  • User : can classified in to various types on Database management systems End users are those who use the DBMS software nothing else Database Admin (DBA) is the user who sets up is the who manages or setups all database systems Database application Designer /Developer are the developer or designer of DBMS system.
  • Application : This the overall software which controls the overall DBMS features .This kind of software can use the facility of Operating systems like Network etc. to Function.
  • Query language : Query language contains syntax and semantics  for various purpose of DBMS system like to change the structure of Database or to make backup of database or to generate special reports.
  • Data : The main purpose of Database management system is to process data so this is also a important components of Database management system.
  • Hardware : This is simply the all hardware components like storage device , Memory , Network etc to effectively run whole Database management system.

Database management systems architecture 

Database management system Architecture Two tier Three Tier
Two tier & Three Tier DBMS architecture

The architecture of Database management System are generally divided in to Two

  1. Two tier Database management system Architecture IF the Application or Software are only on user side the database architecture is said to be Two tier Architecture. In two Tier DBMS consists only Client application and Data source, This kind of DBMS easy to maintain and fast communication because of simple Model. The main disadvantage of this DBMS architecture is the performance becomes slower with growing users.And this is also cost effective to develop.
  2. Three tier Database management system Architecture If the application or Software is Involved in Both user and database system the architecture is said to be Three tier DBMS architecture. Three Tier Architecture Includes Client software , application server and Data Source  as Tiers .The Three tier DBMS architecture has many advantages like it does have better re-usability, High performance , High improved data integrity  Despite these benefits this architecture is complex to develop and its not cost effective as  Two tier Database management system Architecture.

In Next Article we will discuss on Database management system Models and their types. Hierarchical   model ,Network model , Relational model.


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