Easiest way to remove Toolbars, adwares & harmful program

Since internet is like our basic needs nowadays. We do lot of things online But while doing our Desired work sometime we may be encounter with many potentially unwanted software’s which are of no use but no way to uninstall. Even our web browser homepage and search engines are changed automatically with Hijackers software not easy to undo. And toolbar’s are another Big problems which makes our browser heavy and change default search engines and install unwanted functions.(like babylon toolbar). This all problems are really hectic and gives us a bad experience in most of time and many of us are unaware how to Fix these types of problems.

In short technically speaking above problems are because of Adware (ads software) , Undesirable Programs, Toolbars and Hijacker (Hijack the browser user set homepage). So we know the problems let us know how to remove These from our beloved windows computers. I am recommending a easy way and a specific Tool to make it easy.

Step by Step Guide to  remove Toolbars, adwares & harmful program from computers

  1. Download and run ADWcleaner
  2. Click Scan button and wait till database and engine to download
  3. Wait till scan to complete it will scan all folder , browsers for findng Toolbars, adwares & harmful program
  4. After the scan finishes result will be shown in tabs like File / browsers / folders / Registry  (be careful with registry) Unpick any option if you don’t want to remove or doubtful.
  5. Then press clean Button and it will ask you to restart computer.
  6. Its done when your computers restart it will pop up with a Log which files and programs were deleted.

This is the Easiest way to remove Toolbars, adwares & harmful program of your computer if you are still confused i have prepared a demo video below.

How to Easily remove Toolbars, adwares & harmful program | video


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