Edge is coming with ads blocker support

Microsoft Internet explorer has been always a joke on group of PC browsers. After that Microsoft introduced EDGE browser along with  the launch of Windows 10.Recently the Microsoft released the preview version on its browser Edge which is able to support Now extensions on Browser to enhance the function of Microsoft Edge browsers.During Microsoft BUILD developer conference its noted that Edge is coming with support in 3rd party extension for ads block but which kind of blocker its not specified. May be Edge have setting option to enable the ads Bock option via extension , or you may also have option to white list  your few websites.

It is sure that Microsoft  Edge is coming with ads blocker support on its next update but the extensions of ads blocker is not yet specified.The trend of Blocking ads will definitely effect the revenue generation for various web markets but in other hand it will enhance the experience of browsing and speeds up the Browsing time.

Apple already has support for third party ads blocker to block ads on its safari browsers and Opera browser already have inbuilt ads blocker and now Edge is coming with ads blocker support from extension.When Updtaed version fully released to all user of Windows 10, extensions for EDGE browsers will be available via the Windows Store.Currently preview version of EDGE has 3 extensions for windows insider Reddit Enhancement Suite, Microsoft Translator, and Mouse Gestures extensions if you want to try insider version of EDGE follow EDGE BUILD CHANNEL

Edge is coming with ads blocker support – Video Demo of Extensions


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