Expand Iphone storage up to 128 GB


Expand Iphone storage up to 128 GB
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A Chinese Service Provider claimed to upgrade Iphone 16 gb to 128 gb in less then $100. The Chinese service provider stated that they found the IMEI of Iphone’s RAM which is the major part and key to upgrade the storage of Iphone.The sad News is who use this king of storage upgrade service wont be able to use icloud services like find my Iphone.   

The Chinese service provider who claims to Expand Iphone storage up to 128 GB advised to read terms and condition before upgrading.Despite this many Iphone user are happy  who are suffering from low storage problem in their iphone.

  • This Chinese Expand Iphone storage up to 128 GB will obviously void the warranty.
  • This upgrade service can upgrade all types of Iphone/Ipad except Iphone6s and Iphone 6s Plus.
  • This Expand of Iphone storage up to 128 GB wont effect any other hardware like cpu etc of Iphone.
  • The Replaced or expanded Memory seems to be read/write speed ok on Iphone but performance is not tested.
  • No any activation message or message pop is experienced after Upgrade Iphone memory to 128 gb.
  • User have to Backup their data before Upgrade
  • This is the only upgrade method (replacing storage slot) since iphone doesn’t support external memory till.
  • Of course you will get warranty of  few months after Upgrade

What is the actual Upgrade process (Expand Iphone storage up to 128 GB) ?

  • Disassemble original storage of Iproduct
  • Replace Storage with 128 gb
  • Activating the Iproduct
  • Restoring data and Go.

Source : toutiao

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