Future of mobile gaming Augmented Reality Games

With the recent launch of Pokemon go Augmented Reality (AR) Games potential is unleashed since it already a top Downloaded apps on both google play and app store. Augmented reality is really going to give some serious fun who love to play along with their surroundings.

augmented reality games
Augmented object with reality on Pokemon go

In simple way  Augmented Reality is the way to create or add some virtual objects on your real environment which sync along with your reality. This actually is a complex process to blend the virtual objects according to your real world environment. Don’t confuse it with Virtual reality (VR) , its actually different the whole scene is virtual in virtual reality (machine generated environment) , no mix up with your real environment.Virtual reality is already popular on gaming , simulation and more. Many virtual Reality Devices are on market like Oculus Rift , Samsung VR to enjoy VR on your phone.

Augmented Reality games is now evolving , and surely grow bigger because it actually lets you have fun in your real environment , rater then only locking you up in your mobile screen. I hope you are already cleared on concept of AR. Many of game are already on play store as well as ios app store. AR games simply uses your smartphone camera and add virtual objects on your real environment with whom you can play and have fun. Pokemon go is the most downloaded AR games and there are lots of other games on App store.

Just search ” Augmented reality games” on play store app store and you will be flooded with AR games which you can download and have fun.

4 points that AR will be popular in mobile gaming is

  1. It doesn’t need any complex devices just your phone camera for reality and app for augment the object on reality
  2. it makes our playing interactive with your surrounding.
  3. its not only about Gaming its already helped to create the apps like live language translator using camera.
  4. AR unlocked the new area of game and apps development.

some popular AR games you want to give try are Pokemon go , Table zombies  , Remote car . I am sure you will explore the AR games and Apps and share your experience .

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