Google Duo preregister now get app exclusively android & ios

Google Duo app video chat app based on mobile app for both major mobile os Android and ios. while learning  duo i get some most exciting feature as well as simplicity of app. As compared to hangouts of google Duo is designed to engage only 2 person that means no conference call only 2 parties. Google duo works on based on your phone stored contacts and its cross platform available on both Android and ios.

Google duo has already launched on few regions while few regions are only open for preregister. so if you are interested with google new video calling app preregister now to get exclusively.

 Google Duo 5 exciting features

  1. Its bind with your contacts list and you have simple sign up with your phone number
  2. The most exciting feature named “knock knock” enables to view video of caller before picking call up this is most exciting feature Duo comes with.  (user can decide who can knock knock)
  3. Its simple to use since every contacts is bind with your phone contact list so you cannot or don’t  have to manage friend list independently as on viber or whatsapp.
  4. Duo is available on both android and ios so it might be alternative to iPhone face-time app who are struggling to get connected via simple video chat app to their android user friends.
  5. Its purely mobile app , not available on web version works easily on data and WiFi .

some problem reported by various reedit user and on web is , blocking someone only for duo seems not possible since you doesn’t have independent contact list management on google duo.Download this app from play store .

Google’s another exciting project is allo which is messaging app integreted with google smart assistant , autoreply feture , stickers and more. you can preregister to get  google allo app from the play store .

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