GoTenna – Smart Antenna for smartphones Stay connected

No Network coverage , No signal are the alert modern people don’t want to watch on Smartphones , Imagine If your are on Adventure and you still wish that you do have working networks for communication , or you always have the fear to depart from Team , Even you thought to get walkie-Talike with Bulky machines. Don’t worry there is already GoTenna – Smart Antenna for smartphones Stay connected with your Team on your adventure or Create your personal Network over anywhere like two way radio independently right from your Smartphones. GoTenna Creates an OFF GRID Network which is helpful to let you connected with your caring one where no wifi or cellular network is not working but of course these devices comes with pair one with  you and another with whom you want to stay connected (or any user nearby who is using GoTenna). GoTenna is connected via bluetooth with smartphones and works with GoTenna APP both for IOS (Apple ) or Android Devices.

GoTenna - Smart Antenna for smartphones Stay connected

GoTenna is a smart Antenna which can connected on smartphones via Bluetooth and operated via app to communicate where cellular or wifi networks are Not available by creating own encrypted Networks among its users.The range of goTenna is 1-4 mile depending upon location.

GoTenna  operates on 151-154 MHz long wave radio signal which is encrypted which you can use to communicate with any individual who is using GoTenna in range or with whole group as Group Chat yes of course broadcast messages are also available.

GoTenna Only works with Text message and additionally you can share  GPS information with help of integrated offline maps you already downloaded on your GoTenna APP.

Major GoTenna app Current Features available

  1. Two way unlimited Text messages
  2. location share option with offine map
  3. Fast communication within miliseconds
  4. Individual or group Chat
  5. Message status message (deliverd , Retry etc)
  6. Broadcast message
  7. encrypted Communication
  8. Compactible with iOS & Android cross communication

Hardware on  GoTenna
Antenna & 2-watt radio,Flash memory for storing abundunt messages & Rechargeable Lithium-polymer battery with Micro-USB connector, Bluetooth &  indicator light


GoTenna is very useful for the hikers and adventure lovers to keep connected via this lightweight smart Gadgets where no wifi or Cellular Networks are available.If You still have curiosity on This little Thing You can follow this Url of GoTenna. The price of goTenna is $198 for a pair.


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