How to Format Text On WhatsApp | Bold,Italics

WhatsApp is Now widely used Messenger service around the globe, Since WhatsApp is Fast with connection , Easy to handle Documents File , Easy and quick way to send Photos and Videos Of course.And Reliable  Call Services on whats app the major key Features of success. And even it is the one of the few messenger which is available on Web Version.Now The Exciting Features Whats app launched is Formatting Text on your messages.Now Onward WhatsApp allows us to Format Text Via simple Symbols which is add on to Text message itself and Its seems like WhatsAPP is attracting More Businesses  or professional user with the extended features like This  (aso added PDF handling ).

The web Version Of WhatsAPP can easily accessed Via Its the same feature like Chinese giant WE-CHAT was ahead on launching . You Visit the Web page of whats App on pc browser and open whatsapp messenger on Phone and Scan via Option WhatsAPP web on main screen of app which will provide you auto login on web without ID or Password.

How to Format Text On WhatsApp | Bold, Italics, strikethrough  while Texting

Its Simple work of some Symbol addition while You are texting .WhatsApp has Made it very simple and elegant its feature to Format Text while texting.Lets move to How to Format Text On WhatsApp .

  1. For Bold On WhatsAPP add ** on both end of word eg *hello* for hello
  2. For Italics On WhatsAPP add _ _ on both end of Word eg _hello_ for hello 
  3. For Strike-through on WhatsAPp add ~~on both end of word eg ~hello~ for hello
  4. Even you can Combine all eg *_helo_* for  hello (Both bolded italics)

NOTE: Don’t Be mad if its Not working this feature with your Current WhatsAPP is not working with this Formatting Things Because This is first released on beta version of WhatsAPP and will be Soon available on future Updates.If you cant wait for This feature Download Beta Version Of WhatsAPP here

Video Demo On How to Format Text On WhatsApp | Bold,Italics

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