How to get Lost Android Phones IMEI

Even if you lost your Android phone you might need your Phone IMEI number , From IMEI number you can trace your mobile phone or restrict it from using any networks with the help of Service provider. The full Form of IMEI is International Mobile Station Equipment Identity which is different in every mobile device which use cellular network.IMEI number can be easily find on every device by pressing *#06# or it is also labeled on the phone Box you purchased. In case you have not note your IMEI number and lost you can regain it from your Google dashboard easily.

How to get Lost Android Phones IMEI – Step by Step Guide

  1. Login to Google dashboard  with same Google account You connected with your Android Device
  2. Click on android section to expand the Details
  3. You will find all the devices history there (IMEI number , Last used service provider , Device model etc)

NOTE : With the help of IMEI number you can trace your lost mobile with help of Police or service provider despite this you can blacklist the lost device IMEI number so nobody can use device for cellular network.

Alternatively You can mange Your Android device from Android Device Manager  if The device is online with same google account , You can Ring the device remotely , Lock the device Remotely or Erase all your phone data remotely.How to get Lost Android Phones IMEI must be easy question for all Android User now.


How to get Lost Android Phones IMEI

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