how to install PowerShell on Linux ?

Powershell is the Microsoft product which was based on .net framework with the target to automate and speed up the many administrative Work . PowerShell was released on 2006 , and now after 10 years available for open source that is for Linux and windows also. In short powershell is Command line environment which is more powerful with shell and scripts option available on powershell. Windows Command prompt was always inferior as compared to the Linux  so the Powershell was launched to fulfill the gap. PowerShell on Linux is the great news for opensource lovers and user. Powershell  is very famous among windows user to automate the task it is one of the favorite tool on system admins to automate their task by using scripts.

powershell window on linux
powershell running on Ubuntu terminal

how to Install PowerShell on Linux (Step by step guide)

  1. The powershell project is now opensource  so available on github
  2. Browse
  3. scroll down to get get Linux package as based on your Linux distro.
  4. Download the .deb (for ubuntu ) or .rpm (centOS) and read the below instruction to install depending on your Linux distro

sudo apt-get install libunwind8 libicu52
sudo dpkg -i powershell_6.0.0-alpha.9-1ubuntu1.14.04.1_amd64.deb

Code to install powershell  after downloading .deb package on ubuntu 14.04 

sudo apt-get install libunwind8 libicu55
sudo dpkg -i powershell_6.0.0-alpha.9-1ubuntu1.16.04.1_amd64.deb

Code to install powershell after downloading .deb package on ubuntu 16.04

sudo yum install powershell-6.0.0_alpha.9-1.el7.centos.x86_64.rpm

Code to install powershell after downloading .rpm package on CentOS 

powrshell is also available for os X 10 you can go to same project page on github and get the package for OS X also. I have created a video guide on how to install and use powershell on Linux. The video is based on ubuntu 16.04 version.

how to install PowerShell on Linux viedo demo

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