How to search pictures by emoji in google photos

In our gadgets and app we are searching new and new techniques to organised things fast more easily and more automatically , Recently Google Photos announced a big feature which surprised lots of User.Google posted via blog that How to search pictures by emoji in google photos.I was really wondering , and tried the features instantly , It really seems working . I tried to search my photos with emoji of Flower and the photos with flower filtered and showed up in result , Then i tried to search with the ice-cream emoji which results my search with the an cake photo on my Google  photos library.


Google photos had already introduced search  with location, date  and people tagged on your photos which was really easy to get specific photos you want from massive Google photos library. Now the features to search via Emoji is really great , If i want photos with PIZZA i only have to search via pizza emoji or cat emoji to find out cats on my photos , even hands emoji to search selfies.We all Know Google photos is more the a photos backing up and cloud storage or sharing platform , Google photos is really working on Good Things to optimize the user experience and managing Your photos more smartly and safely.This is the one new feature recently introduced but many of users are not ware of many features of Google photos, I am listing some of the features of Google photos below.

  1. Google Photos automatically merge Duplicate photos
  2. Assistant feature  for free up your space
  3. Inbuilt Image Editing feature with great utility
  4. Image is Compressed but quality remains decent via Google Photos
  5. Facial Recognition system to manage photos easily
  6. Trash space if you want you photos back within 60 days from Google Photos
  7. Smart detection of Duplicate photos Before Upload
  8. Can access web version from every device from

How to search pictures by emoji in google photos – Video Demo

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