Iridium browser which offers great privacy (review)

Iridium a browser – with serious privacy protection settings base on chromium is available. Before starting reviewing the browser lets know what chrome browser is using user data.Chromium is a open source browser project , Google chrome is probably the most used and admired browser on various platforms.

iridium browser review
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But the chrome browser is constantly using user data for better result . Google chrome can transfer your Searches, or partial searches data for better autocomplete in future. and every character user types on chrome address bar  can be sent for URL loads with Instant feature. A unique ID  might be given to your chrome installation. As a user i am very comfortable with these user data which i know google is collecting and i do not have any problem. But some user might be very serious to maintain their privacy for those user here comes the Iridium a browserIridium browser is everything as same as google chrome but modifications are done on part of enhancing privacy. iridium browser available on Windows , MAC and linux and source code is available public.

What different you can expect from Iridium  browser ?

  1. Default search engine of iridium browser is Qwant which does not track their users.
  2. Iridium browser has strict rule on cookies , which restricts to send cookies by Default but it can me changed on setting. (remember cookies is  the major way to get user data for most of websites)
  3. Has few extensions enabled by default which are related to encrypting
  4. All other features like signing with google account and sync remains same as Chrome browser.

So looking overall , Iridium browser is all chrome browser but with few important privacy feature enhanced by default. Looking in to the official website of  iridium browser the statement by browser claims to restricts the automatic transmission of search queries , keyword and other metrics to enhance its privacy feature.

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