Microsoft History and success story

Microsoft history and success story
Microsoft co-founders Paul Allen (left) and Bill Gates

Few companies changed dramatically to find the way that the world business can do. Microsoft is one of the world’s top software companies. It was founded as small business by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in Washington. Microsoft has become one of the most popular and profitable companies.

Founded in 1970s by Bill Gate and Paul Allens to profit from shared computing skills. Microsoft has became enterprising pair noticed and an opportunity to build basic interpreter for the ground breaking Altair. The Altair pair set their building interpreter for using simulation implicit device. The development  team showed the interpreter for starting successful business where MITS Altair’s present company distributed their work.

Microsoft gained the home software market in 1980s by creating their own operating system known as Xenix. Xenix nonetheless a corporate failure has became one of the vital innovation which is required for Microsoft to create MS-DOS, the first true operating system which provides them the high success rate.

Computer revolution and Microsoft success underway a software company growing dramatically. The company introduce windows NT at late 1980s as graphical extension as MS-DOS. It continued to innovate windows 3.1 in 1990s.

In mid 1990s Microsoft grew into global giant today for early development which driven the operating system captured. Microsoft forefont the computer software industry which is cementing as the dominant company of 1990s.

Windows 98 followed positioning Microsoft as a leading driver for late 1990s. Internet innovation built around the advanced functioning of internet explorer. After that, windows 98 become the world most sold operating system which include standard for million of PCs.

Microsoft practices by more aggressively at rapid growth during 1980s and 1990s.

The Microsoft continued its success in 2000s with the commercial success as X-box gaming console and windows XP for failed products like windows vista and Zuni.

It mainly focus on driving technology forward. Microsoft has become one of the most influential companies in the computing  world for forty years.

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