Microsoft Surface specs models with Comparative view

Microsoft Surface pro

Microsoft_Surface_RTMicrosoft Surface is the first device from the surface family of tablet having all the basic capabilities of the tablet which sophistication and Microsoft of the standards. This range had kick two stand by providing rest device at particular angle which is easy to handle by viewing hand-free videos, pictures has its home package with words, power point, one note, outlook and excel. The windows Rt operating system had two cameras i.e back and front viewer.

Microsoft company was founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen has covered a world computer software, solution and service. It has its own headquarter at Washington. It has developed various software. It has many product such as operation system, ms office, internet explorer etc. Internet explorer helps in web browsing which move around making the brand with house hold name called globe.
Microsoft has become the largest software company in terms of revenue.
Microsoft successfully begun computer software and now it also starts for hardware as well. its aiming to gain a prominent position in developing countries to enrich personal computing experience.
It has launched various series of tablet called Microsoft surface was launched in 2012 .it has brought its newer version with latest advancement which suits different audience been released from. Surface is an ample infotainment which enable user to run MS office and various apps. It helps in providing the power of laptop and portability of tablet.

Microsoft Surface 2

Microsoft has lunched with second generation of Microsoft surface which has dual, position two stand for allegiance device, the camera is of higher precision, one Drive storage is preloaded with 200 GB for two years. It has lunched with an offer of free Skype calls for a year.
Microsoft released its next generation Microsoft Surface  device in 2013 as surface pro. It has better display with HD resolution screen, one kick stand and increased memory with wacom digitizer pen.
When pen is used to touch the screen, it becomes immune from palm touch. Microsoft released another surface pro same year which has dual kick stand to position and view easily. It includes some shortcut key having pro pen that enables on the screen. It also offer free Skype call around the world with 200 GB storage space in One Drive.

Microsoft Surface pro 3

Microsoft Surface pro 3  is as a laptop but its tablet. It had multi kick stand which can be adjusted at any position. The best Microsoft package is Bing search, Skype and One Drive. It has slightly bigger display with an appealing HD view

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