Mouthlab Tricoder – Measure vital signs easily

Mouthlab Tricoder
Mouthlab Tricoder – Future of Medical diagnostic

Inspired by the Star Trek tricoder, engineers and physicians at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine have developed a hand-held, battery-powered device called Mouthlab tricoder that quickly picks up vital signs from a patient’s lips and fingertip.“We see it as a ‘check-engine’ light for humans,” says the device’s lead engineer, Gene Fridman, Ph.D., an assistant professor of bio medical engineering and of otolaryngology –head and neck surgery at Johns Hopkins.

Your are coughing. Are you having a throat infection or its just a minor irritation. Is there a time to call a doctor or can you just wait. Multisensor diagnostics is developing a small handheld device called Mouthlab tricoder. It sanples many medical measurements simultaneously and it will be able to help you with this decision. Mouthlab Tricoder will be able to sense your electrocardiogram, respiratory patterns, the bi-marks in your saliva and breathe. But its main ability is to measure vital signs. Everyday millions of us interact with the healthcare professionals. Whether that interactions occur at the doctors office or the emergency room, most of the interactions require your vital signs. In the doctors office or the emergency room we often encounter an all in one patients monitors. These 4000$ vital sign monitor contains a number of sensors on it but these sensors has to be hooked up individually into the patients body and that takes time and effort. Mouthlab Tricoder collects all the vital signs as collected by the patients monitor within sixty seconds without the attachments of various sensors to different part of the body. It consists of disposable mouthpiece and a hand held unit. On its commercial version, the vital signs will be displayed at the back of the device. It will be wireless transferred to the cloud where they will be accessible by the doctors or nurses. In this stage of development, two prototypes have been developed. These prototypes are fully functional except they do not show data at the backside instead the measurements are wirelessly sent to the laptop where they are analysed or extracted.

Mouthlab Tricoder How it works ?

The mouth piece fits comfortably behind the lips. As you breathe normally, the respiratory pattern is recorded from both your nose and mouth. The other measurements are temperature , pulse rate, blood oxygen level, breathing rate, blood pressure, blood level change in the upper lip and thumb and electrocardiogram. Vital signs are analysed by the help of algorithm and datas are displayed in a large font above the graph. Not only to professionals, Mouthlab Tricoder will help to those without medical trainings with the help of intelligent algorithms and help them make more intelligent decisions about their health. It will improve health care in the underdeveloped regions. It will reduce the number of emergency room visits and improve therapy outcomes by catching the problems early on.For more Information please visit the official page of Multisensor Diagnostics.

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