Ozlo get in to conversation with your personal assistant

personal assistant is quite a habit for today’s smartphone users. All the big platform comes with a bundled personal assistant. In iPhone there is siri to assist you , for android Google now is Doing the job and Windows cortana is there for you. The technology of these major companies are kinda matured and well for users.

Today learning about new personal assistant in the market i found the Ozloapp and its quite impressive. For now ozlo is text based Virtual assistant according to company blog it will be able to talk with you very soon  with you like siri and cortana. The company behind ozlo is now fully dedicated to improve their virtual assistant ozlo.For now you can ask Ozlo for restaurants nearby , weather , news and more. Ozlo learn from your chat history and location to improve results and get you satisfactory results.

Technically speaking the company has to still  do more to mature the product. But Its worth giving a try if you are a iPhone user preregister here to get beta version since this is not yet publicly available. This app is still not sign to available on different platforms since its only working for targeting  iphone. Share us your experience with this new virtual assistant.Thank you for checking in.

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