Create a website easily with Pagekit

Pagekit is a new and modern  Content Management System written in PHP language which is completely open source. When i first tried Pagekit CMS in my localhost it seems really simple and fast.The CMS of pagekit can be simply accessed Via http://Siteurl/admin. In the main Menu after login user are shown to dashboard which will allow you to customize pagekit dashboard view which includes your page status like visit count stats etc.

The Dashboard in pagekit CMS has Menu options  like Pages (to manage pages and Menu) , User (manage user and roles) Site , Blog (publish/edit blog post & manage comments) , Marketplace (to install extenstions or say plugins and themes), System (manage system update , Cache , mail settings etc). In details Site area of Pgekit gives option to add remove menu , Widgets , storage (to manage Media) and settings like (quickly enabling maintenance mode , changing theme etc ).User manager in Pagekit allows to manage user and give roles like admin or editor.Blog in dashboard of pagekit allows to manage blog like publishing post , managing user comments etc. So In summery Pagekit a free opensource CMS which have possibility to manage your next website with simple and effective way.

Despite this little overview of pagekit You can always dive in to deep possibility with pagekit with their YouTube channel.And official documentation is here for pagekit . Pagekit support Both database Mysql and sqlite  so you can choose one depending on your ease.I have done a Video with installation of Pagekit and CMS overview using Pagekit which is embeded below.The video shows how to Create a website easily with Pagekit. The video is done on Local pc server many components may change in real hosting scenario.

Create a website easily with Pagekit – Video Demo

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