Personal DNA Analysis machines, Apply DNA science Easily

Technological advancement is sign of advancement and growth of every field. We have witnessed advancement in    Communication, automobiles , bio electronic devices and much more. Talking about DNA Analysis ( Polymerase chain reaction ) has a history of a very long far from 1983. The scope of DNA Analysis is very wide and expanded on areas like  Health, Agriculture, Forensics , Genomics and more.

But the tools for DNA analysis are still not that portable and easy accessible for all. I loved the concept and revolutionary discovery  of sebastian kraves & team to make the DNA Analysis portable and widely accessible for many peoples. The Tool for DNA analysis which is very portable and can be widely used with simple integration with laptop, smartphone or tablets is miniPCR . Finally a Personal DNA Analysis machines are here which will obviously helps us to Apply DNA science Easily.

Portable DNA analysis tools – miniPCR

why we might need Personal DNA Analysis machines ?

Here are the few examples of how miniPCR tool can help you and why you might want to own it personally.

  1. Helpful and a preferred tool for forensics. (Crime lab)
  2. To detect Genetically modified food
  3. To detect Bacterial and Viral diseases for your farm since this tools is mobile.
  4. Its one of the great tool for teaching and learning.
  5. paternity testing is another exciting area of application
  6. PCR allows us fast diagnosis of infectious diseases,caused by bacteria or viruses.
  7. And the for the Research purpose who wont want a Portable PCR machine.
  8. Oh wait this portable tool make possible to run DNA test on space , as well as helped a lot researcher on Africa during Ebola breakthrough .

Since DNA analysis has a very wide range of application and with the affordable and portable tool for PCR will definitely help us to do lots of things. Do you have any reason you want to own this miniPCR ?

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