Photoshop vs Gimp full review | pro and con

Photoshop is the industry gold standard image editing software built for Windows and Mac. Other companies have tried and failed to create a product that is anywhere near to photoshop. It is compatible with adobe suite so you can complete the photo editing task in different devices powered with adobe. Another reason for its popularity is that it has huge online support.

Photoshop pro and con – Photoshop vs Gimp

It has a huge community. It has tons of plugins, tools and filters. It has certain demerits too . The elements are extremely costly as it costs 100$. The extended version of photoshop costs 1000$ . The records shows that it is estimated that half of the users have pirated copies of photoshop. The plugins do not carry over with upgrades. So that with the upgrades we are not being able to get new plugins. Another demerit is that the licence validation check is frequently carried on. So it becomes very annoying sometimes.

Gimp (GNU Image Manipulation Program)- Photoshop vs Gimp

Photoshop vs GimpGimp is the open source community answered photoshop. Its current version is available for Windows, Mac as well as Linux. Gimp has almost the same tools as that of photoshop. It is free and open source as that of similar interface with photoshop. It is super light weighted occupying less memory space in hard disk drive. It loads very quickly ass compared to photoshop. However, tools like healing tool and clone aren’t quite polished as that of photoshop. There is also not as much support in Gimp probably just because it is not popular and it takes a while to load in Windows. When it comes to being a replacement of photoshop, Gimp doesn’t handle some aspects of editing as well as like layers and other tools.Download Gimp Free

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