Raspberry Pi now comes with starter kit including official case

After the four long year of adventure of Raspberry pi they just complete its 10 millionth unit sell. With this success Raspberrypi announced a great thing. Now Raspberry Pi comes with the starter kit.The kit contains 5 major accessories including a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B. Accessories included on raspberry kit  are

  1.  8GB NOOBS SD card
  2.  official case looks great
  3. official 2.5A  power supply with multiple region
  4. official 1m HDMI cable
  5. optical mouse and a keyboard
raspberry pi kit with Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
Raspberry Pi 3 Model B with accessories  pic source Raspberry Blog 

Adventures in Raspberry Pi Foundation Edition is also included on the kit. Kit is simply packed on a simple box with. According to Raspberry blog the packaging is minimalist and looks as told.Now the price of Raspberry Pi 3 Model B with kit is £99.00 only. The deal looks so fair to me , What do you Think about this share your thoughts.

Raspberry organization was established 4 years ago with a big wave changing the way we use and think computer. The first big thing was the size it was only size of credit card and having all the power of computing. raspberry is continuously developing and launching new models with new capability and processing power. Now with the Raspberry with starter kit its easy to get all the accessories officially and start using it. oh yes we need a display :P.

Raspberry is a charity organization which main theme is to make computer easily available and accessible for everyone on cheap and handy way.This organization is mainly focused on education of children for learning coding.The capability of raspberry pi is comparable with desktop computers and it can run different Linux distros and of course there is official operating system for pi.

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