Remix OS makes your old computer better than before

With the improvement of living quality, people now have many idled PCs.But who wants to use a PC with an old OS during his or her daily work,even Windows XP works well with that computer?

Remix OS is designed to solve this problem,it is based on Android Lollipop.Of course it can run millions of Android applications on computers,such as Facebook,Microsoft Office,WPS Office and so on.

To accord with users’ habits,the remixOS has an user interface which looks more like a desktop OS.

The desktop,taskbar and the app drawer are quite like a combination of Chrome OS and Windows 10.


The notification center,with five quick buttons below.


This file manager looks nicer than that of Windows 10,simple but functional.The Remix OS comes compatible with keyboard shortcuts and right-click.


The resizable windows.Do you notice the recycle bin on the screenshots? 😛


WPS Office on the RemixOS.


There are some known issues.The default keyboard is Google keyboard.I tried to use a third-party keyboard like Sogou keyboard or QQ keyboard,but failed to open those apps- some apps are incompatible. During my experience,I found that some apps can’t run smoothly,they can be crashed sometimes.

It’s easy to install the remix os on your PC,without creating a hard disk partition.

Download the Remix OS here:

Here is a video tells you how to install the Remix OS on your computer.

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