Role of DNS While Browsing Web

Before We Start Learning on Role of DNS While Browsing Web lets understand what IP address is .IP address is the unique address of Any electronic Device which can be connected at Internet ,Its Just like Your Home address which To get Letters from the Postal Office.If you send some information to some destination on internet an get back some information to your address then IP plays Vital role as your Unique address. So IP address is the Unique address of any device which manage or access internet.IPv4(32 Bit)and IPv6 (128 Bit) are the 2 Type of Ip address which are in Use Nowadays.  eg IPV6 address is like 2001:0db8:0a0b:12f0:0000:0000:0000:0001 and IPV4 address is like 

IPV6 was recently introduced because IPV4 ony does have possibility of 4.3 billion different addresses , and its already being used.Computers may get Uniqe IP address may be dynamic or static, Static IP address mean user can set own IP address from computer . Dynamic Ip address is managed by special system called Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) on Networking devices like Routers etc. DHCP servers manages IP address dynamically For eg if you Turn of your home router your IP might change  when you turn it on later ( But the web servers IP address is mostly static) .But from the network address translation method a whole building or  office shares the same IP address.

DNS (domain name system) is the system which converts human friendly address to computer network friendly address for eg can be accessed directly via but its easy us to remember 1st one address.

Role of DNS While Browsing Web
various name-server storing same data around the Globe for one web Address

Now lets Discuss Role of DNS While Browsing Web. DNS is distributed system to translate Human friendly address which is shared by millions of nameserver (DNS server) which share and update information between them.Every computer connected to internet also does have DNS server (NameServer ), whenever you try to browse web your computer first translates the web address to IP address(physical address) looking up in to DNS server which is also called DNS name resolution.DNS servers has great role on making Internet more user friendly Because DNS are processing billions of human friendly address to actual web address.

When we Enter any URL (eg on browser it can break in to 3 parts as follows

The protocol (“http”)
The server name (“”)
The file name requested (“index.php”)

Then the URL is translated to an ip Address by Browser with the help of DNS server (Nameserver).The translated Ip address is used to connect to the web server machine (web server machine have Static IP) which serves you web pages as rules set by web server.So i would like to wrap up this basic information on DNS .

The Internet is a gigantic collection of millions of computers, all linked together on a computer network
Role of DNS While Browsing Web

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