Run Windows Software on Linux using Crossover

Windows and Linux are two different operating systems with their own superiority , But sometime even we are using Linux Operating system we may need to run Windows software , Switching operating system of PC for some software and games is always not easy. What if we can run windows software’s easily  on Linux with easy installation of a mediator software seamlessly and easily.Also called Software emulators which convert Windows software codes to run on Linux (also available on MAC).You might also thinking what is the benefits with these well we may get rid of  Dual-booting (running two different OS on Same Computer, and switching OS by restarting) or Running a virtual machine (VM) which is obviously boring and use much resource resulting slow and poor Comparability because of Some applications may require video or hardware drivers.
Running  CrossOver like emulators, is the easy way to access and use other operating system in Linux or Mac is great option , We do have Similar free software called Wine  which is also great But Crossover is premium software emulator with Great and professional Touch of course.With CrossOver user can Launch Windows programs as native programs of Linux (Or MAC).The Price Of Crossover is 9$-15$ for Full Feature Of course we can use wine also (only difference lesser support and User interface)

NOTE : Crossover is premium project of Wine so its like upgrading wine for some great feature and support and dedicated for Business and professionals.

Run Windows Software on Linux using Crossover – Step By Step Guide

  1. Download appropriate File Your LINUX Distro from
  2. Run APT update on your Linux Distro Before Installing eg for UBUNTU sudo apt-get update
  3. Wait Till Download Completes and Install the File on your Linux System
  4. Launch The CrossOver and Update Libraries (would ask for sudo access on terminal )
  5. Now CrossOver is ready to emulate Windows application on your Linux distro
  6. Update the List of available Software’s and select from list to install
  7. Now Windows app will b available for Your Linux distro to run

Crossover works on three steps while adding  New windows apps  First its make system ready to launch app then it creates bottle and finally download the actual app.

Demo Video on How to Run Windows Software on Linux using Crossover


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