Sayonara Music player for Linux Lightweight and perfect

Looking in the new application is always a fun. I was using rhythmbox and banshee music player for so long time on my Ubuntu and its Good. But Sayonara Music is more appealing in terms of new taste handy functons for me after i once tried. Sayonara Music is very lightweight and comes with great Look and great features it might be new taste for Linux user as music player. You can download Sayonara Music from official page for different Linux  distro (Ubuntu/Debian,Fedora,Mageia,Arch Linux.Gentoo).

Sayonara Music player some features Linux user might love

  1. Nice skin (2 skin dark and light) instant switch from menu on F10 button or keyboard
  2. Fullscreen Mood to Mini Mood instant switch from menu or F11 button
  3. Import Files and create Library easily (computer/mnt for folder from other drive)
  4. Nice little Tray icon button with full control
  5. Music Equalizer feature
  6. Nice visual spectrum and level Meter
  7. Auto shutdown option (Timer or Playlist option)
  8. Music metadata editor and Genre organization
  9. SomaFm and Soundcloud integrated
  10. Stream recorder and Podcasts,Radio Broadcasting feature
  11. Remote control is possible  and mp3 converter inbuilt
  12. Supports Multimedia Keys
  13. Nice Playlist organization by tabbed view
  14. Easy search on Music library
  15. Gap less andDynamic Playback

These are the Major feature highlights of  Sayonara Music  player.

To download Sayonara on Ubuntu run below code on terminal

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:lucioc/sayonara
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install sayonara 

To download Sayonara on Fedora run below code on terminal
sudo yum install sayonara
sudo dnf install sayonara

if you are comfortable with above process Always head to official site of Sayonara to get package Directly.

sayonara music player on Ubuntu on Mini mode
sayonara music player on Ubuntu on Mini mode


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