Score Unlimited On piano Tiles – simple hack

Piano tiles is a very popular and Addictive game , while many of players does have hard time to score good on Piano tiles Game. Since piano tiles games is multiplatform games available in most of popular os , Android and Iphone. Many user are constantly searching on Piano tiles cheats and hack To improve the scoring and get unlimited play and music option of Piano tiles . Its also named Don’t tap the white tiles.

Lots of Geeky hacking way are already on market , booming in the web for Piano tiles game. But The another easiest way we are talking here is awesome , and takes nothing geeky or technical to aechive high score in game.

The simplest Piano Tiles Cheats and Hacks – 3 touch method

While playing piano tiles , just use 3 fingers once  and touch and swipe left right randomly on the top of screen ,  and there is no way to stop you scoring.
With this method player can score as much as high they can.

The Three finger method to score high on Piano tiles will surely be the easiest method to chat piano tiles score. This method of scoring must be serious Bug of piano tiles.


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