Sell scarp through Kabaadi At Your Doorstep app | Nepal

Smartphone is really helping  peoples life. And for developing country like Nepal there are still lots of system that has to be managed on effective way mostly digitally.First of all the material which can be recycled and reuse are called Scarp if we are able to manage these type of waste we are helping a lot to stay our periphery clean since most of wastes are scarp. Despite these scarps are not that valuable for us but recycling these things are someones business and believe me there is good money. I am writing this app review because i really liked the concept they brought.

So if we manage our Scarp we are doing 2 good things help someone to run their business and get our environment clean. Kabaadi At Your Doorstep is innovative app first with concept in Nepal where user can choose a local scarp dealer and then give them information about which kind of scarps (plastic , metals, papers etc) and in which quantity you have (oh yes you need internet connection) Then through app the vendor will get notified to collect your waste (scarp), and they are even paying for you.

Steps using Kabaadi At Your Doorstep app to sell your scarp in Nepal

  1. Download the app from this link
  2. open the app login using your Google account and you are ready to use app
  3. Choose nearby agents which is nearest for you
  4. select the category of waste , then subcategory
  5. insert the amount of scarp you might have (tentative ) it will display what value they will pay for your scarp
  6. Now fill up the form and send the Final request to pick up you scarp it will send your coordinates and scarp details to the vendors.
  7. Now you can always check you activity and pickup request opening the app

Happy selling friends. i really liked the idea behind the Kabaadi At Your Doorstep app. Thank you for checking in.

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