Set a GIF as your desktop background Windows 10

Wallpaper or Desktop background is always a mood changer for all Geeks an users , Having beautiful Image as background always inspires us to pretty good stuff and make mood. Its easy to set any images as desktop background on All version of windows including windows 10 , winows 8.1 or winows 7 . But what if we desire to set some background which are say GIF images , Of course GIF images are more attractive then single plane image as background for many of us but Windows default Os is not allowing us to do Set GIF images as Background But with help of few Tools (freeware) we can have pleasure to Set a GIF as your desktop background Windows 10.

Set a GIF as your desktop background Windows 10 – Step By step Guide

  1. Get The Free portable software bionixwallpaper Download setup File
  2. Install the Setup File it is completely free and safe and portable no extra installs directly runs
  3. Open the Installed bionixwallpaper  Software you can drag and drop static  wallpaper or make timer set wallpaper from this software and you can also use Images from flicker direct search But for Animated wallpaper follow next step
  4. Go to bionixwallpaper  then Move To tools and select Wallpaper animator
  5. Choose the folder where you put your GIF images and the list will be loaded
  6. Now double click on list to set as wallpaper
  7. You can choose animated Wallpaper style ( stretch , tile or centered )
  8. You can always Stop GIF wallpaper animation from  task bar Hidden items and disable the wallpaper or change the Next

Note : bionixwallpaper  has other cool features like timely wallpaper change , Wallpaper mass download from Flicker on any web page , Use Dynamic image as wallpaper from websites , Day and night Wallpapers and more .

Video Tutorial Set a GIF as your desktop background Windows 10

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