Solid state Drive (SSD) | Benefits of SSD

what is a solid state drive ?

A solid state drive (SSD) (it contains no real disk, nor a drive engine to spin a disk) . SSDs have no moving (mechanical) parts. This recognizes them from conventional electromechanical magnetic disks. such as hard disk drives (HDDs) or floppy disks, which contain rotating disks and movable read/write heads.

Since There is no Mechanical parts on SSD storage Device  It does have huge Benefits in compare to the Traditional Storage Devices like HDD. solid state drive

Benefits of Solid state Drive (SSD) over HDD

  1. Solid state Drive (SSD) Doesn’t have moving parts as HDD so the Battery life , Heating (due to mechanical parts on HDD) problem is Almost solved .
  2. The Life of SSD is very high in compare to HDD and IT doesn’t crash as HDD but its ony became read only Drive , so user don’t have to worry on Data loss on Solid state Drive (SSD) .
  3. The operating environments for Solid state Drive (SSD)  is of very wide range.Extreme heat or cold (-20 degree Celsius  to 80 degree Celsius ), also operable on extreme shock or force.
  4. The system boot time is Dramatically lowered on SSD  used Computers , Its reported around 15-20 seconds only wheres HDD takes around 1 minute.
  5. System performance is boost of  Because even General SSD is more then 90 times faster then HDD
  6. Solid state Drive (SSD) doesn’t produce any Noise In comparison of HDD

 Demerits of Solid State Drive (SSD) over HDD

  1. The price of SSD is much expensive then HDD in current Scenario
  2. Some SSD is reported that they use considerably more electricity when they are idle in compare to HDD

Sooner or later with the advancement of technology all user and laptops/computer manufactures  will move to SSD , since Solid state Drive (SSD) does have very Benefits in compare to HDD.

Types of SSD

  1. MLC (Multi level Cell Technology)
  2. SLC (single level Cell Technology)

SLC only stores one bit of Data in one cell but MLC is very complex system , It stores multiple bits of data in one cell.Due to multiple Storage capacity on MLC Its cheaper to produce MLC SSD but IT does have higher risk of Crash In compare to SLC


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