USB kill a USB on market which can kill any device !!

Is It time to lock and seal your USB port because There are USB device which are used to kill any device which comes in contact? They named it USB KILL 2.0. The device concept of USB kill is developed by a Russian Computer researcher and a rumor is that one Hong kong  based company already started its mass production. They are selling USB KILL and USB TEST shield online. According to company The sole purpose of company is to Test your device for  power surge attack and its only for Testing purpose.

How USB kill can kill any device on contact ?

  1. when its connect to any electric device through usb port it draws power to charge the capacitor inside USB kill.
  2. After this with the help of charged capacitor USBkill creates a power surge and kills the machine.
  3. Its comes with USB killer tester which protects machine during test as shield.
  4. it is  designed to test power surge protection and useful for penetration testers.
USB kill
USB kill 2.0 to test the power surge on any device and have potential to kill your device | credits usbkill

Since its freely available to buy online we cannot say its only used by tester it might get in to the hand of any person who want to misuse since many of electric devices are not protected against power surge beware of the USB looking like device in future. 

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