View any saved password easily from your browsers

Sometime we are lazy enough to memorize our passwords and we forget since its not always necessary to remind since most of our personal computer browser has option to save our passwords.But sometime we need to know our password to sign in from different browser or mobile device where our saved password might not be synced.

wait its not that hard to see your saved password saved on pc browser , if we can directly view saved password on plain text we might save some time to recover or change password via email and all. So for the ease i am writing this step by step guide.

 View any saved password easily from your browsers (Mozila , chrome , Opera … )

  1. Go to the page (login page mostly ) where username and password are already saved and displayed in browser just right click on password box and click on inspect element (go to tab elements/inspector if you are not on default)
  2. There you can see type=”password” line just change the password to text and press enter
  3. Now your password is already displayed on browser with readable text not with password dots.

Note : for Microsoft edge you can do same and you have to go to “DOM” tabs on edge inspector and find the password line

view saved password in browser
Change “password” in to text to view password

So from little DOM elements modification you can directly view your saved password on any browser which allow us to inspect elements. i hope you might be stuck on this need to see your saved password and this post will help you can View any saved password with little time rater then restoring on recovering password.

i have created a video Demo to make you easy to understand the whole process. View the video if you are still confused. Thank you for reading and help me to grow by sharing post and comments.

How to View saved password easily from your browsers

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