vivaldi Browser – Basic But elegant

vivaldi web Browser is the newest browsers on the market.It is introduced wit the slogan of A Browser for Our Friends.The development of browser started on 1994 and here the final version is recently introduced. vivaldi Browser basic idea is to develop a browser which runs on minimum hardware utilization with rich user functions and of course fast.If you have already used Opera browsers there is speed dial features same as opera browser on this browser.where you can easily bookmarks your favorite web pages for speed dial.Even you can put multiples link creating speed dials on Folder called speed dial Folder.Quick Commands is the another feature on vivaldi Browser which can let user to do task quickly like CTRL+N for new window and of course you can customize it on setting.Nicknames is the another great feature on vivaldi Browser which lets you create nickname of your bookmarks and directly access it via typing nickname for eg if i bookmark as movies i can access it by typing movies directly of address bar.And the bookmark organizing system is good.

As well as the web browser also have Rewind button which most of browsers dint have for navigation you can hold mouse on rewind or fast forward button and click on recently browsed history of tab for rewind or Fast Forward.Adaptive Interface Color is the cool feature on this browser which website you visit the tab adapts its colors like if you are visiting it will be on Blue color.Speed Dial Background can be easily changed you can always put your favorite picture on speed dial as background.Side Panel can be accessed easily which help you to take notes or access your bookmarks or even view downloads. Web Panels is another cool feature on browser where you can load another webpage simultaneously on side pane. Search engine Box where you can easily add your own search engines via settings.Web Page Zoom , Show/Hide Image and User Interface Scaling (like font changing , B/w web browsing etc) are right available at bottom which is easy to access and control.You can enter to Full-screen mode on browser by pressing f11 or by UI and press f2 if you need to do something on full screen mode.Vivaldi Browser is available on Linux , Mac and windows platform you can download it from

Personally  when i give a try to vivaldi Browser on linux i feel its a decent browser , i like side pane browsing so much and Black and white filter as well as Nickname features on Bookmarks.Another features i like to mention is it also shows data transmitted right on your address bar so you can know size of webpage and the elements remaining to load. I hope you will try vivaldi web Browser and leave me a comment.

vivaldi Browser – video demo Basic But elegant

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