Why GNU Bash is coming on for Windows 10 ?

Microsoft the PC software giant is bringing the most popular default Command (Terminal) and scripting   of Linux and MAC also known as BASH. Windows 10 is soon providing Linux (ubuntu) environment from which will make possible to run Linux apps and tools directly  on windows as perfected as in Linux.

This is obviously great news for developers as well as Unix/Linux lover . This is all possible because of upcoming new Linux subsystem in Windows 10 for which Microsoft have done work with Canonical. So after Onward when you update your windows with Inbuilt Linux subsystem in Windows 10 you don’t have to emulate or virtualize  as before to run Linux app as well as tools. So they integrated Linux user mode code on winnows with partnering with canonical(ubuntu). In Demo version the channel 9 showed they are running ubuntu 14.04.04 LTS version integrated with Windows as Linux subsystem to run BASH.

Why GNU Bash is coming on for Windows 10

This will enable Windows developers to exploring Linux , even Microsoft is making available its database system (SQL) on Linux in near future. The question is , if windows is on side of supporting the campaign of open source software available to people everywhere partially or  fully.I think Why GNU Bash is coming on for Windows 10 answer is for good cause. The Update of windows with GNU Bash is coming on Next update at the occasion of The windows 10 anniversary.

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